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Human life in modern civilized communities has certain stages among which the period spent in education is the most enjoyable as well as important. Student life is the most important and challenging period of civilized people because in this life each of us lays the foundation on which our future of life is to be built. In a student's life choosing an appropriate career option from the various fields like doctor, engineer, lawyer, armed forces, etc., is a challenging task in the absence of proper guidance and counseling. The dreams and aspirations remain confined as dreams alone.
In the quest for excellence , Edunguru with 3340+ courses across major categories delivers best online education courses catering to :

1. School Education for CBSE , ICSE and various state boards available in both Hindi and English.(class 6th to class 12th)
2. Language learning viz., Spoken English(46 courses from basic level to advanced level using intelligent and responsive feature called ‘INDI’ for conversation)
3. Test Preparation for competitive exams for Government jobs , undergraduate admission entrance and graduate entrance exams.(800+ covering Govt. and Non-Govt. exams.)
4. Mock tests for school based learning and competitive exam preparation.
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